How To Line Striping

Items you will need

  1. Line Painting Machine
  2. Paint
  3. Gas powered Blower
  4. Fuel for line painter and blower
  5. Broom, rags, and cleaning brush
  6. Additional spray tips, filters, and piston lube
  7. Water and or thinners/solvents (if you are switching colours in your machine)
  8. Stencils (if symbols need to be painted)
  9. Chalk, measuring tape, chalk line (if layout is needed)
  10. Scrap cardboard (for testing the width of line you will be painting)
  11. Pylons and or Caution tape

Machine Operation

The operation of most line painting machines is very similar from one model to the next, please keep in mind that these are only suggestions. For line marking machines with piston driven pumps you will want to check your oil level, fuel level, and make sure your piston is lubed before every job.

Before you begin spraying you will need to do the following:

– Place your suction tube in your paint can and the return tube into a waste container

– Turn your prime/spray knob to the prime position

– Allow the material to flow out of the return tube for 5 seconds or until you see a consistent yellow colour flowing through(or blue/white)

– Move your return tube back into your paint can and point your spray gun into your waste container

– Turn your prime/spray knob to the spray position, pull trigger of your spray gun until paint is flowing into the waste container

– Paint test strips on a piece of cardboard and adjust the gun height once the desired line width is accomplished


If you are line striping in a parking lot that doesn’t have existing lines to paint over you will be responsible for laying out the parking lot. All parking lots have different needs and regulations depending on the municipality or region it is located in. Make sure to obtain clear and concise drawings from the property owner to ensure the parking lot lines and symbols are located according to their needs. ** when pricing a line striping job make sure to take parking lot layout into consideration, a parking lot that requires a new layout can take more then twice as long as one where faded lines need to be painted over. 

Spraying Lines

Having straight parking lot lines is a must if you want your parking lot to look professional and clean cut. If you are just getting started with a new line painting machine, or you have been handed a used machine and are expected to paint lines why not practice with water. Fill a 5 gallon pail with water, test out a few areas to set your gun height so that you have the correct line width and start spraying. Re-striping a parking lot is a waste of time and money, take time to familiarize yourself with the line painter you are using before you run paint through it.


If you need to paint symbols in a parking lot, it is recommended to use a line striping machine with a detachable spray gun, this will ensure that you are applying the correct amount of paint and complete the job in a timely manner. Simply lay down your stencil where you would like the impression to be, detach the spray gun from your line striping machine, and start spraying. If you are painting over a faded marking that


After completing a professional parking lot line painting job, it is important to make sure you leave your site clean as well as your equipment. To ensure your hard work doesn’t get damaged you should always construct a barrier around freshly painted lines with caution tape and leave pylons behind until the paint is dry and ready for vehicle traffic. Any dirt and debris that was blown into a pile should be picked up and discarded.