A9027 LandShark Crack Cleaner (5.5HP Briggs & Stratton, 8″ Wire Brush)


Remove debris quickly and efficiently with the LandShark Crack Cleaner. The LandShark Crack Cleaner is equipped with a reliable 5.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine. Shorten surface preparation time and reduce operator fatigue. The 8” wire brush will efficiently clean cracks, ultimately saving you time and money on the jobsite.

• Features operator hand control for easy brush engagement, belt tension adjustment and depth control

• Robust heavy duty construction

• All steel spindle head with sealed bearings for long life

• Four wheel platform provides greater stability

• Steel hubbed wheels with ball bearings for better maneuverability

• 8-inch wire knot brush

• Briggs & Stratton 5.5 Series engine

– Engine: Briggs & Stratton

– Horsepower: 5.5

– Fuel Capacity (Litres): 1.9

– Oil Capacity (Litres): .59

– Wire Brush Size (Inches): 8

– Weight (lbs): 85

A9977 Little Wonder Pro Edger Honda GX120

For over five decades the Little Wonder Pro Edger has been the choice of professionals. This wheeled edger is designed to cut clean, crisp edges quickly and efficiently, even in tough conditions. Dual belts provide extra power to the blade to cut up to 90 feet per minute!

The Little Wonder Pro Edger is user–friendly with fingertip controls and a ratchet–arm height adjustment system for fatigue–free operation and control. The Little Wonder Pro Edger is built for heavy, daily usage. Cut crisp, distinct edges faster, and with less effort.

***Optional Crack Cleaner Attachment Available***

• Available with Honda® GX120 engine

• Edges up to 90 feet per minute

• Largest available cast iron cutter head on the market

• Dual belt drive provides extra power to the blade and reduces slippage during application

• 10″ steel blade is sharpened on all four sides giving you the ability to flip the blade over and extends time between sharpening

• Adjust cutting depth up to 4″

• Blade shield keeps debris off of the belts

• Convenient controls that allows you to adjust depth, belt tension, and blade engagement all from the operator’s position

• Anti-vibration grip for user comfort

• Four wheel design provides extra stability and eliminates the need for a curb wheel

• All wheels have steel hubs with ball bearings and full axles front and rear for smoother and easier maneuverability

– Engine: Honda GX120

– Horsepower: 3.5

– Edging Depth: Up to 4 inches

– Drive Belt: Dual Belts

– Fuel Capacity (Litres): 2.8

– Weight (lbs): 69

[A8027] Little Wonder Crack Cleaner Conversion Attachment – An optional accessory perfect for preparing surface cracks for sealing and expansion joints for recaulking. Heavy-duty twisted wire brushed on an 8″ disc.

A9993 Stinger Wheeled Heat Lance

The Stinger is a self-contained, portable heat lance on wheels. Easily operated by one person, this unit is ideal for the pavement maintenance contractor in need of a quality heat lance for those small to large size projects.

The Stinger comes complete with electronic ignition and stainless steel burner. The 25 foot hose makes for easy access to pavement cracks or the portable cart can be maneuvered with the lance in its holder as shown.

• Critical Purpose: to properly prepare pavement cracks/joints for sealant installation by removing moisture and debris to ensure sealant bond/adhesion

• Burns vapor propane and mixes it with super-heated compressed air in a specially designed and patented combustion chamber; high velocity hot air is produced and directed towards the pavement surface

• Since no flame touches the pavement you can fill cracks immediately behind the lance operator without the worry of burning or charring the pavement surface

– Engine: Honda GX160

– Horsepower: 5.5

– Ignition: Electronic

– Burner: Stainless Steel

– Lance Assembly Weight (lbs): 10

– Lance Assembly Length (in): 59

– Total Weight (lbs): 350