Titan Battery Powered Backpack Paint Sprayer

The Impact X 120 Titan Battery Powered Backpack Paint Sprayer is an excellent paint sprayer for parking lot line painting contractors due to its versatile, lightweight design and powerful performance. With its 18-volt battery operation, it ensures fatigue-free usage, making it ideal for long hours on site. Impact X 120 Titan Battery Powered Backpack Paint Sprayer

The sprayer’s high maximum pressure of 1600 psi delivers precise and consistent paint application, which is crucial for creating clean, sharp lines and stencils such as handicap, electric car, and no parking signs. Additionally, its flexible operation modes—backpack, stationary, and side-carry—provide the adaptability needed for various job site conditions.

The included RX-80 spray gun, multiple spray tips, and reliable Bosch batteries further enhance its efficiency and convenience, making the Impact X 120 a top choice for professional parking lot line painting.


  • Lightweight and Powerful: Equipped with a Bosch battery, it ensures fatigue-free operation.
  • High Performance: Delivers up to 1600 psi for excellent low-pressure airless performance.
  • Flexible Operation: Can be used in backpack, stationary, and side-carry modes to suit different job site needs, featuring a 1.25-gallon hopper.
  • Included Components:Titan IMPACT X 120 with 2 Bosch Batteries
    • RX-80 Spray Gun
    • 3/8 9′ Airless Hose
    • 517 HEA Spray Tip
    • 312 Fine Finish Spray Tip
    • Two Bosch 4Ah Batteries with Charger

Titan IMPACT X 120 Tip StorageSpecifications

  • Maximum Delivery: 0.31 GPM (1.2 LPM)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 1600 psi (11.1 MPa)
  • Maximum Tip Size (1 Gun – Electric): 0.017″
  • Motor: 18 Volt Battery


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