Learn the benefits of Line Striping

Benefits of Line Striping

Safety is the #1 reason why all parking lots require markings and symbols. As a parking lot owner, you are required to have your parking lot lines maintained to provide safe traffic flow for vehicles and pedestrians.


Curb Appeal
A parking lot with freshly painted lines will boost the curb appeal of your property. First impressions are key, and your parking lot is your “Welcome Mat”. Having your parking lot lines painted yearly shows your customers that you care about the appearance of your property and their safety.


Exceed Legal Requirements
As a parking lot owner, you are required to follow Parking Lot Marking Guidelines set out by your municipality. These guidelines are set in place so that drivers and pedestrians are provided with a safe place to walk/park when they are on your property. Please reach out to your local municipality to ensure that you are meeting their requirements. Following these guidelines will reduce the risk of the parking lot owner being held liable for accidents or damages that occur in the parking lot.


Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic Flow
Having clear visible parking lot lines, and symbols (arrows, handicap, no parking, etc) is imperative when it comes to efficient vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow. Having markings to follow will improve traffic flow and minimize confusion when it comes to:
– where vehicles must stop
– where pedestrians can walk
– what areas to avoid
– who has the right of way
– where vehicles can park
– where vehicles can park that contain people with additional needs such as Handicap, and Expecting Mothers


Parking Efficiency
A well laid out parking lot will maximize the efficiency of how your parking lot square footage is used. Make sure that your parking stalls are sized and laid out properly. This will ensure that you are providing the most available parking spaces for your lot, while also complying with size guidelines and your customer’s needs.


Customer Convenience and Satisfaction
Show your customers you care by keeping your parking lot lines looking vibrant. When your parking lot lines look dull and faded it gives the impression that you don’t take pride in the appearance of your property. By keeping up on your line marking shows your customers that you care.