Asphalt Sealing

What is the purpose of Asphalt Sealing?

Asphalt Sealing or Seal Coating is proven to extend the life of asphalt surfaces. Some of the key reasons to Seal Coat Asphalt are:

    1. To slow oxidation
    2. To improve appearance/curb appeal
    3. Saving Money
    4. Prevents water penetration

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How do I start an Asphalt Sealing and Maintenance Business?

Starting an asphalt sealing business is a relatively easy business to start with reasonable start-up costs. Whether you are looking to knock doors to make a few extra bucks on the weekend or are looking to seal coat 100,000 sq ft parking lots. Our Asphalt Maintenance Experts at Pavement Depot will help you succeed. Not only do we offer asphalt maintenance tools, equipment, and supplies. We can also provide free education and training on; sales, marketing, equipment operation, maintenance, and much more.


What type of Asphalt Sealer should I use?

Choosing the right type of asphalt sealer can depend on several different factors, including asphalt condition, the climate, and your specific needs for durability and appearance. The most common types of asphalt sealers in Canada are; Oil Based, Coal Tar Emulsion, Liquid Petroleum Emulsion, Asphalt Emulsion, and Acrylic. Feel free to reach out any time to discuss your project and we can help. Contact Us


Pavement Line Marking

How do I start a Line Marking business?

Parking lot line parking can be an extremely lucrative business to start in Canada. All parking lots and roadways require lines and symbols for direction and safety. Our team at Pavement Depot can help with education and training on everything line painting related. We are a true one-stop shop and stock everything needed for you to get up and running: Titan and Graco Line Painters, Paint, Stencils, and more. To learn more, click here


What paint is better, water based, or solvent based?

This isn’t necessarily a one size fits all question. Typically, solvent based traffic paint will outlast water based paint. Water based paints tend to have lower VOC’s and less odours than solvent based paint. It’s also important to understand and read up on the required paint specifications for the job you are looking to do. Also, water based paint can be applied using any model of Titan or Graco line painter, while not all gas powered line stripers can apply solvent based paint.


What line painting machines are better, Titan, or Graco?

There isn’t a cut and dry answer to this question. As a business that has sold both Titan and Graco line stripers across Canada for years, we can confidently say that there is a very even split when it comes to sales of Titan and Graco. Users normally start out with a Titan 850 or 3500 when they are looking for cost effective line striper. As contractors grow they will typically bump up to a Titan 4955 for a bullet proof machine, or opt for Graco 3900/5900 HP series if they need a machine that can do auto layout.


When do I need to use glass beads?

Adding glass beads to your roadway or parking lot traffic paint will increase reflectivity and paint durability. You will need to confirm with the municipality/city or property owner you are working with to see if they require the use of glass beads or not.


Crack Filling and Repair

What is the purpose of filling cracks in Asphalt?

Crack filling or crack sealing in asphalt serves several purposes that are crucial for longevity of parking lots and roadways. The main reasons are:

    1. Prevents water penetration
    2. Prolongs Pavement Life
    3. Saves Money
    4. Improves Appearance

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How do I add crack filling and repair services to my business?

Asphalt crack filling and repair services are a great add on to an existing asphalt maintenance, landscaping, or property maintenance business. To start out you can typically be ready to go with a 10 Gallon Melter Kettle, a Gas Powered Crack Cleaner and some boxes of crack filler for well under 10k. If you are looking to fill cracks on roadways or Walmart sized parking lots you will need a larger tow behind crack filling melter kettle which can run in the 80k plus range. For more information don’t hesitate to reach out any time Contact Us