Our Journey Visiting the National Pavement Expo 2024 from Canada

Rhino Pavement and Pavement Depot Staff at the National Pavement Expo in Tampa Bay 2024

Our Journey Visiting the National Pavement Expo 2024 from Canada


Last month, our team had the incredible opportunity to attend the National Pavement Expo held in Tampa Bay Florida. The expo, known for showcasing the latest trends and technologies in the pavement industry, did not disappoint, and our experience was nothing short of amazing.

A Homely Stay in Tampa Bay

Choosing to stay in a local Airbnb instead of a traditional hotel, we immersed ourselves in the local culture, which added an extra layer of warmth, authenticity, and excitement to our trip. The cozy atmosphere allowed our team to relax and recharge after busy days at the expo, fostering team bonding and a deeper appreciation for Tampa Bay’s unique charm.

Innovation and Inspiration at the Expo

The National Pavement Expo was a bustling hub of innovation and networking. Our team was blown away by the 10LINES Autonomous Pavement Marking Robot, we knew this technology was in the works, but had no idea it had progressed this far. We’re extremely excited to see what the future holds for AI and Robotic line striping machines.


The Graco line painting competition was another highlight, showcasing the skill and dedication of professionals in our field. It was not just a competition but a celebration of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every project.

Our discussions with existing suppliers, including industry leaders like Sealmaster, Mcasphalt, Billy Goat, and Titan, were incredibly fruitful. These conversations went beyond mere business transactions; they were an exchange of ideas, experiences, and visions for the future of pavement solutions.

A Special Thanks to Our Neighbors from the North

Neighbors from the North

Neighbors from the North

A significant part of our expo experience was the deep and meaningful interactions we had with our esteemed colleagues from Canada. A special shoutout to Rhino Pavement, Shield Kings, Action Paving, Seal Canada, Topline Pavement Services, and Titan Tool. The discussions we had during and after the tradeshow were insightful and inspiring, reflecting the shared commitment and passion we have for the pavement industry.

Experiencing the Local Vibe

Tampa Bay Lightning GameOur trip to the National Pavement Expo 2024 from Canada wasn’t all work and no play. Tampa Bay’s nightlife was a delightful discovery, with its vibrant energy and welcoming locals. One of many highlights was attending a Tampa Bay Lightning NHL game. The thrill of watching them clinch a victory against the Arizona Coyotes was an unforgettable experience. The city’s spirit, especially during the game, was infectious and added an extra dose of excitement to our trip.

Transportation was a breeze, thanks to the availability of UBER, scooters, and the TECO Line Streetcar. These convenient options allowed us to explore the city with ease.

Leisure and Recreation

To balance the hustle and bustle of the expo, our team also took the time to unwind and enjoy Tampa Bay’s beautiful outdoors. The beach was a serene escape, where the sound of waves and the gentle sea breeze provided a much-needed break. Meanwhile, the golf course was not just a place for leisure but also an opportunity for informal networking and team-building.

In Conclusion

The National Pavement Expo 2024 was not just an event; it was a holistic experience that blended professional growth with cultural immersion and leisure. Our team returned with not only valuable insights and strengthened business relationships but also cherished memories of Tampa Bay’s dynamic spirit. We’re already looking forward to what the next expo will bring.

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  • Rhino Pavement
    Posted at 20:14h, 08 February

    A great experience, educational and fun. Hope to go again in 2025!