Thanks to All Participants of Our Line Painting Training Day / How to Start a Line Striping Business

Atilio from Titan Tools Showing how to use a Titan 3500 Line Striper

Thanks to All Participants of Our Line Painting Training Day / How to Start a Line Striping Business

This past March 27th, we had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening in-person Line Painting Training Day. This hands on training event was for contractors who wanted to learn how to start a line striping business. The event was a tremendous success, and it was all thanks to the enthusiastic participation of every single attendee who braved the cold. Your eagerness to learn and share within the community was the driving force behind the day’s achievements. We’re immensely grateful for your presence and the vibrant energy you brought to the event.

Atilio from Titan Tools Showing how to use a Titan 3500 Line Striper Atilio from Titan Tools Showing how to use a Titan 3500 Line Striper Julian from Titan Tools Showing how to use a Titan 3500 Line Striper

Special Appreciation to Titan Tools

Titan Tools booth at Pavement Depot Line Painting Training DayWe cannot express our gratitude enough to Titan Tools, whose commitment and expertise were paramount in the success of our training day. Despite the chilly weather, the Titan Tools team showcased unparalleled dedication by demonstrating the operations of the Titan 850 and Titan 3500 line striping machines. Their hands-on training sessions provided invaluable insights into how to use a line painting machine efficiently and effectively in real-world scenarios.

A Huge Thank You to Our Experienced Contractor Partners

Our event was enriched by the generosity and expertise of a team of existing contractors who came forward to share their extensive knowledge on line striping and asphalt maintenance. A special thanks goes out to Eager Beaver, Shield Kings, and Rhino Pavement for their participation. These seasoned professionals offered their wisdom to those looking to start their own line striping and asphalt maintenance companies. This made the training day not just about learning new skills but also about building a supportive community.Eager Beaver and Rhino Pavement talking to Dakal Maintenance

For those contemplating how to start a line painting business, the insights shared by both the Titan Tools experts and our experienced contractor partners were particularly beneficial. They covered crucial topics, including how to apply parking lot line paint and how to price a line striping job. This ensured our participants are well-equipped with the knowledge to offer competitive and fair services.

Learning and Future Asphalt Maintenance Opportunities

The event was not only about learning how to properly operate a line painting machine but also about fostering a supportive community.  We were pleased to see beginners and veterans in the line painting industry come together to share knowledge and experiences. This gathering proved to be an excellent opportunity for networking, learning, and growing together.

We are excited to announce that this is just the beginning. The success of this training day has inspired us to organize more events in the future. These upcoming training days will cover a wide range of topics, including; Advanced Line Striping with Graco Auto Layout Line Stripers, Introduction to Crack Sealing, Advanced Crack Sealing for Large Parking Lots and Roadways, Introduction to Emulsion Driveway Sealing, Introduction to Oil-Based Driveway Sealing, Advanced Emulsion Asphalt Sealcoating for Commercial Parking Lots, Introduction to Infrared Asphalt Repairs, and more.

Stay Tuned more Training Days to come

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for announcements about our future training days. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned vet, these events will offer valuable insights and hands-on experience in all areas of asphalt maintenance.

Once again, we extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who made our Line Painting Training Day a success, especially to Titan Tools and our esteemed contractor partners, Eager Beaver, Shield Kings, and Rhino Pavement. Your participation and the knowledge shared have laid a strong foundation for many successful line painting ventures to come. Here’s to many more opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed together in the asphalt maintenance industry.

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